Research & Insights

2019天天鲁夜夜啪视频在线Fannie Mae's market intelligence will help you understand what's happening in the housing and economic environment today, and what it might signal for tomorrow.

Our expert economists, analysts, and strategists study every major aspect of housing and the economy and publish their findings in timely forecasts, analyses, and detailed reports. Subject-matter experts across the company also share their insights in our Fannie Mae Perspectives, covering important trends and opportunities facing our industry.

Featured Research

U.S. Economy Reliant on Consumer Spending, Susceptible to Downside Risks
September 17, 2019

Housing Sentiment Inches Higher, Driven by Mortgage Rate Outlook
September 9, 2019

Economics: Consumer Spending Likely to Slow in Q3
September 27, 2019

Mortgage Lenders' Profit Margin Outlook Hits Survey High on Surging Refinance Demand
September 11, 2019

Shopping Around for a Mortgage Pays Off for Consumers
August 5, 2019

Technological Investment Necessary in Evolving Mortgage Landscape, Lenders Say
July 18, 2019


2019天天鲁夜夜啪视频在线Our Economic & Strategic Research Group provides input on mortgage and economic trends on a monthly and weekly basis. The monthly outlook includes the Economic and Housing Forecasts, Economic Developments Commentary, and Multifamily Market Commentary. The weekly note is a brief snapshot of current macroeconomic and housing data.


2019天天鲁夜夜啪视频在线Fannie Mae strives to serve as an industry benchmark for insights into the attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors shaping the current and future state of the housing market. We apply the highest standards in market research and analysis, using surveys and other methods to listen to consumers, lenders, and other industry participants.


Our analysts mine key data sources for insights into recent market developments and potential outcomes, and also engage with industry partners who bring their expertise to bear on important in-depth analyses.


2019天天鲁夜夜啪视频在线Executives and other subject-matter experts across Fannie Mae share their views on important issues, trends, and opportunities in the housing and mortgage finance industry.

The Exchange™ data and API platform

An award-winning data and public application program interface (API) platform, The Exchange gives developers, data professionals, and innovators access to Fannie Mae's economic and housing data. Make API calls, create visualizations, and mix and match data from multiple sources to gain insights, identify partnerships, create apps, improve pricing transparency, and to build anything else you can imagine.

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The Exchange
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